St. Nicolaas - Piet

Sinterklaas has so much to do
That he has helpers.
They assist Sinterklaas
everywhere were he needs them.


The helper of Sinterklaas is called
Zwarte Piet, or Piet
which means:
black Peter.

Not only are many zwarte piets
involved in Spain in
preparing pepernoten
and wrapping presents,
also on the boat
and in the Netherlands
they have a lot to do.

When Sinterklaas visits the houses
Piet has to carry the sack
and help Sinterklaas
to give each child
something that fits the age.

He has to take care of the staf,
see to it that all children
get a present.
Be carefull that Sinterklaas doesn't stay too long
to prevent that he hasn't enough time and he has to guard
the large red book.

At times all thse jobs
are done by one Piet,
but at busy days
each part
might be done by a different Piet.
All Piets love gymnastics
but the special
is often involved in playfull afternoons.

I remember an aunt of mine
questioning the abilities
of the Piets
to perform sportive acts.
She said it in secret
to my uncle,
but it must've been overheard,
by a listening Piet,
for the next day,
just before diner
a Piet came into the house,
and gave her children
a present
in a very unusual way.

It was a huge lesson.
not only had she learned
that Zwarte Pieten
can do almost anything,
she'd also learned
that Zwarte Pieten
hear everything.

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