St. Nicolaas - Zwarte Piet

Although the Zwarte Piet
has the task to support Sinterklaas
in whatever he does,
he is in no way a true servant.

He is valued for the special person
he is.
He's a multi-talented person.
Someone with a lot of knowledge
of the human soul.

He understands children
And although some children
are a bit afraid of his dark face
he knows how to make them smile.

It is said that Zwarte Piet
can be everywhere.
Children are told
that he can hear and see everything.
This adds to the mystery
surrounding Sinterklaas,
and strangely
it doesn't make children afraid.

It did when I was a child
but we didn't see
Sinterklaas and the Piets
as much on TV.
Nowadays Zwarte Piet
is an expert in sign language
which makes children
feel far more connected with each other

Apart from climbing roofs every night
Zwarte Piet is always ready
to do something extra.
Like visiting children in the hospital,
or delivering a forgotten present.
Even by bike (bycicle).

Piets energy seems to be neverending.
Even Sinterklaas seems to think so,
because when he is completely tired
they help him to bed with a smile.

Sinterklaas knows
that they even work
when he's fast asleep.
But even Zwarte Piet
needs a rest at times.
It sometimes surprises him too
and then he can be found
sleeping with a smile on his face
just like here.

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