St. Nicolaas - Schimmel

Sinterklaas is often portrayed
on a white horse.
This is not simply a white horse
as some people think.
No, it's what we call in The Netherlands:
a "schimmel".

My grandmom had some very old books
with Sinterklaas on them.
And when looking at the pictures
I'm struck by the fact
that the people on them
seem to behave the same
as we do now.
And the stories in those books
were the same as those I tell my children.

The schimmel of Sinterklaas
is the one and only horse
that can walk on roofs.
It can even jump
from roof to roof
with Sinterklaas
on it's back.

This is quite amazing int itself.
But even more amazing is
that it never slips
and that Sint
is never afraid.
Which is a miracle in itself
as some roofs are very high
and others are very steep.

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